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Monday, April 26, 2004

Subversion conversion

Generally we are a Microsoft shop. We use VS.Net, SQL server, MSMQ and the like. We have also been using VSS. We are generally happy with most MS products. But certainly not with VSS which is really a rather lame bit of software.

Clearly, Microsoft can not be using Visual Source Safe internally. The thing can not scale, tends to corrupt it self, and is very slow. We have finally got to the point where we needed to do something about it. We were hopeing that VSS might actually get upgraded at some point. That didn't happen with VS.Net 2003 and I wouldn't hold my breath for Whidbey either...

Currently we are looking at Subversion. While very new it is pretty nice. Very fast and seems rather stable. Unfortunantly, there are a couple of draw backs for us long time users of VSS. One feature that VSS has that subversion does not is the ability to "share" a file that would get updated simultaniously in different parts of the repository. More importnantly, however, there is no decent GUI for Subversion on Windows. (Several are in development but none are ready for general use.)

We are still evaluating Subversion as well as SourceVault. I personally think Subversion would be a good choice for us - but a lot of other developers will need to buy in before we would be willing to make that switch.

Frankly, I would love to see MS support subversion. They do not make any money off of VSS & if anything it givens them a black eye selling that piece of junk. In this case why not support an Open Source project? It gives MS developers a much better more scalable SCC solution, & if MS worked on a GUI and VS.Net integration it could be as easy to use as VSS. Heck MS might even be able to use internally a product they are asking developers to use!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Clearly this hasn't started off with much activity! :( Been very busy at ingenio these past few months. Recently we had an announement concerning a new product we will launch in the not too distant future. Dubbed Pay-Per-Call it is an interesting combo of the Technology Ingenio is built on ond the Pay-Per-Click that is all the rage for Google and Overture.

The main idea behind Pay-per-click is that you bid for placement and pay on any clicks that drive traffic to your web site. Well many buisness do not even have web sites! What about them? In the Pay-per-call model you bid for placement just lie pay-per-click. However, instead of displaying a link a phone number is displayed. If the number is called you pay for the lead.

One interesting thing about this model is that a call is a much more valuable lead than a click. We should see that folks will bid more for a call as it certainly takes more motivation for a user to make a call than to simply click around.

It will be very interesting to see how all this works out!

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